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What we do?

Trend 3 Media is an Alamogordo social media marketing agency that Creates Social Media and SEO strategies to ensure that your business reaches the correct audiences, no matter what your business is. We do everything from content creation, social media ads, blog creation for your website built around certain keywords to get you the organic traffic your business is looking for. We provide monthly analytics on your business and have complete transparency on the entire process to build the best possible relationships with our clients

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We maximize every cent your business is spending by analyzing and refining your social media marketing strategy
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Creating relevant high quality content is a strong foundation we have built ourselves on
*Photograph was taken by Trend 3 Media at Asian Garden

Why you need a Social Media Management Company

Your Customers are on Social Media

With over 3 billion Social Media users in 2019 it can only mean that your customers are on these platforms daily. You need to engage your audience before someone else does, because there are over 50 million small businesses connecting to their customers, what are you waiting for?

Time Management

Developing a strategy, creating the content, editing the content and posting content all takes time that you can’t get back. Let the experts take care of your Social Media so you can concentrate on what you know best, your business!

Customers are looking for Answers

According to Google there are over 3.5 billion searches per day on Google. This means that your customers are out there searching for businesses to use, but it is a matter of getting your content and business in front of them.

Business Growth

It’s no secret that Social Media slammed the door open on the marketing industry. It has proven you can take a small business to multiple buildings and locations by hiring a sucessful Social Media Marketing business to help grow your business with brand awareness, engagement and conversions.


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