Facebook has 2.41 billion monthly active users, and this is prime real estate if you are a business. It is no longer an option but rather a matter of time on learning how to use Facebook for a business.

This could be anything from learning how to create brand awareness, engagement or conversions. Facebook business pages offer so much, it is difficult to find a reason not to use it.

Now let’s talk about how to use Facebook business pages to your advantage.

Create a Facebook Business Page

The first steps will be creating the actual Facebook business page itself so let’s cover that.

*You must have a personal Facebook profile before you can make a business page.

  1. Go to facebook.com/business and click create a page in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Select the type of business you are, examples: small business, organization, brand, product, etc.
  3. Add your profile and banner picture
  4. Add a short description of your business
  5. Add your username
  6. Fill in your “about section”
  7. Add a call-to-action button (Call, Book Appointment, etc.)
  8. Setup Tabs on the left-hand side
  9. Like other pages (don’t be afraid to like competitors pages)

Ensuring that your Facebook page is set up correctly is very important. This will have an effect on your SEO because your business will be listed on multiple business listing websites like Superpages, Yellowpages and more. If your information is not an exact match, it can hurt your SEO.

Facebook Page Sections

There are a lot of sections to choose from and fill out when it comes to the Facebook business page, but each one serves its purpose and needs to be how to use facebook for a business properly filled out.


The about section is a Local SEO goldmine. This is where you put in your address, phone number, website, and any other business details you need to add. You need to make sure this is 100% correct because this will be listed on the multiple listing pages that will filter through google.


This is exactly as it sounds. This is where all your posts and updates are published and the first page all your followers see when visiting your Facebook business page.


This is where your audience can post and interact on your business page. You will also see check-ins here as well. Think of this as the audience interaction tab or section.

It is very important that you visit this at least at the end of every night to engage with your audience that has spent time to post, engage or check-in to your business.


This is where you can create upcoming events for your business page. You will also post your promotional material here and share as well.

You can invite people to your events and let your followers share and interact with the event before it happens. Polls and questions are very useful leading up to your event to increase your turnout.

Info & Ads

This simply shows your followers your ads that you are currently running.


Want to increase traffic or engagement then this is the section for you. Create special offers and discounts that increase engagement that will lead to conversions.

Offering giveaways to shared post or discounted prices are very commonly used here.


This is just a list of all the photos that you have uploaded on your Facebook business page.


This section just shows all your post that your business has made to your timeline and updates


Customers can write reviews and give your business a rating. This becomes very important in the long run because this is a way for future customers to see the legitimacy of your business. The more reviews the more transparent your business becomes to the public.


This allows you to list off all of your services that your business provides. You can put the name of your service, the description, a photo and even how much it cost. This becomes a very strong tool the more of a following you grow on your page.


This allows you to list your inventory for sale and sell it directly through Facebook. You can link your bank account to get paid directly after each purchase. This is nothing more than another way for your business to put its products out there and build a brand name.

Content Creation

Content creation will be one of the most important parts of what you can do to grow your Facebook business page. This is a major piece of learning how to use Facebook for a business.


All of the images that you put on your business page need to high quality and relevant to your business niche. 

There are many types of still images or photos that you can upload as post and below are just a few ideas on what to use.

  • Employees facebook post
  • Business Events / Gatherings
  • Promotions
  • Holiday Post
  • Infographics
  • You performing your service or work
  • Customer Testimonials

Ensuring that your photo is the correct size is also just as important, to maximize the photo quality as well. Sprout Social is a very good website to visit to see post sizes for all social media platforms.


Video quickly took over as the dominant piece of content that is focused on when it comes to social media. It has already been proven that videos will get more attention and engagement than photos or any type of still images.

Facebook business pages allow videos up to 240 minutes long. That means you can create almost anything you can possibly think of to upload to your business page and gain that engagement. Here are a couple of examples of videos you could create.

  • Business Vlogs
  • How-to Videos
  • Tutorials
  • Videocast (Podcast)
  • Work Progression Videos

Creating videos is one of the most important pieces you can do for your business and they don’t have to be lengthy. Most businesses create videos under 3 minutes, as that is the optimal viewing time of the average Facebook user.


Probably the most overlooked piece of content you could possibly create are polls. You can create polls on anything that could include what your followers want to see as your next piece of content.

Polls are super effective because it requires almost no effort for engagement. Simply asking a question and putting yes or no as options will get you super quick engagement. Business maximizes on this by polling their audiences on future posts and services.

Facebook Live Streams

Doing Facebook lives from your business page will maximize your reach over 100%. The reason this method is so effective is that every single follower is notified when a business page goes live, versus the typical 25% when your business creates a post or video.

Live Streams have become necessary versus just a tool to use when needed. If your business is not doing at least 1 live stream per week, then you will lose out on a lot of potential business and engagement.

Schedule out your Posts

Facebook gives your business a feature that almost no other social media platform offers, and that is the chance to schedule out all your posts and get ahead. Learning how to use Facebook for a business is already essential, but learning the small practices like this will get you way ahead.

Most businesses will fall behind on posting because it only takes a couple of minutes per day and gets lost in the “to do” list. Reduce the stress on you and your business by taking the time and creating and scheduling out a couple of weeks or even a month worth of post.

Engage 24/7

facebook like buttonEngaging is a must if you plan on growing your social media business on Facebook. You need to respond to messages as fast as possible to earn a response badge which actually boosts your organic reach if your Page maintains a certain level of re-engagement.

This doesn’t only apply to messages but when someone comments on your posts or creates any type of reaction at all. If someone likes your post, click on the reaction and message them directly. Creating a digital relationship with your followers is now a must.

When you have responded to everything, now is time to reach out to your local audience and engage in their post to gain that local following.

Run Giveaways

When your learning how to use Facebook for a business you need to be running giveaways at the beginning if possible.

This is the quickest and easiest way to increase engagement and followings. People love free and it really doesn’t have to cost that much. If you gain a big enough following you can reach out and gain sponsors to give you stuff to giveaways with and just have their name incorporated with it.

Learn more about how to run giveaways and ideas for them by checking out this article by wishpond.

Share content from other sources

Facebook released a statement in 2019 talking about how they take this very serious when it comes to Facebook business pages. If your business is linking and engaging with competitor pages, then they will actually give you a boost from this.

You can take real advantage of this especially if you focus mainly on local businesses. The key is collaborating with a business that isn’t near you and sharing their content. But as always, make sure their content is up to date and to your quality. Never share bad content, it reflects on your business.

Create Facebook ads

If you want to learn how to use Facebook for your business, then this is not an option but a must. You really should be investing in Facebook ads and in Social Media Marketing if you are serious about your business maximizing every dollar when it comes to marketing.

HubSpot has its own academy on teaching Social Media Marketing and it will really get you going in the right direction.

Facebook ads give you the ability to target your specific audience. There are options like age, gender, interest, location, educational status, relationship status and more. This lets you pinpoint the exact audience you are looking for when you start creating your Facebook ads.

Make sure that when you do run ads that you keep up with the analytics and do split test as this will give you the tools to refine each ad you run and help keep your marketing budget low while getting great results.

Create Business Milestones

When your business reaches a milestone you need to take advantage of this. You can create them for almost anything and what better way to get your followers to engage than reaching a milestone and thanking them for the help.

This would also be the perfect opportunity to have promotions, giveaways, and even polls on what they would change about your business in that timeframe.

Post behind-the-scenes images/videos andrea archuleta creating trend 3 media content

How much more personal can you get with your followers than posting your day to day operations of what it’s like in your business. The advantages of this are incredible.

This really gets your followers a chance to engage with your business on a personal level, but also a chance to even give them thought about if they would want to work for you or go into that niche as a career.

You always have to remember that Facebook is ultimately a social media platform that gives you an opportunity to get a digital relationship with your audience. Take advantage of this and grow your following and gain life long customers in the process.