Why invest in

Social Media Management


Brand Development

Brand development is all about creating a strong presence on the internet in every way possible that does include Social Media, Websites, and much more. Creating relevant and engaging content is the most successful way to accomplish this.

Social Proof

Social Proof is creating a social influence where your customers are assuming that actions of others are correct based on the frequency of the results. If you have ever purchased something based on a referral or review of someone else, then you were affected by social proof.

Time Saver

The one thing you can’t put a price on is time. The average business will spend more than 11 hours per week on social media without outsourcing to a business. We are here to free up your time and let both of us do what we do best. You run the business while we build you a digital footprint.

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Our Process: How does Trend 3 Media Social Media Management Services work?

Our Social Media Management Services are based off of a 4 step strategy

  1. Develop Strategy
  2. Content Creation / Post Editing
  3. Content Distribution
  4. Refine Content / Analytics Report

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Below will cover what to expect during the process

Meet with Social Media Account Manager

When you invest with our Social Media Management service you will be assigned a personal account manager. That person will be your single point of contact to keep continunity throughout the service contract and build the best possible relationship.

You account manager will also be responsible for creating, editing, posting, hashtag research, compeitior analysis, platform setup and optimization, and building monthly analytical reports.

Develop Social Media Management Strategy

Developing a sold Social Media Management strategy will involve a social media audit to be done your your businesses current platforms if you have any, compeitior anaylsis and finally our team putting everything together.

We will come up with types of content needed, what time to post the content, what hashtags to be used, alt text, and much more. This will be broken down to business rep before we post any content.

Content Creation Days

Our team and your business will schedule certain days of every month for us to come in and take photos and video for content creation. We pride ourselves on striving to create all original content for our clients.

Below are some examples of photo and video that we will shoot:

  • Employees
  • Customer Testimonals
  • Products or Services
  • Community Involvment
  • Giveaways if any
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Analytics Report / Refine Content

In this step your account manager will put together a complete Social Media Management report. This report will consist of showing the number of new followers, likes, shares, percentage in growth in each area, and much more. Our goal is to create complete transparency during this step.

We then will pick out the best and worst performing content and adjust our content strategy based around this. We take everything into consideration during this step. Here are a couple factors we will be looking at:

  • Type of content created Ex: (image, video, infographic, testimonal)
  • What time the content was posted
  • Hashtags used in content
  • And compare to compeitiors Social Media Platforms

Social Media Management Platform Services Offered

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