Why spend money on

Social Media Marketing

Money Well Spent

Creating Social Media ads lets you target a specific audience that you are looking for which saves your money not being spent on people with no interest in your ads.

Result Driven

When you are able to create Social Media Ads that focus on what you want people to see and who actually see it, this will drive results upward of how ever much you are willing to put toward your Social Media Ad budget.

Data Gathering

Every cent that you spend on Social Media Ads will give you analytics that is tracked 24/7. You will gather information on demographics that will let you pin point your future ads and your everyday Social Media post.


Campaign Optimization

Our team will create Social Media Ad campaigns for your products and services and adjust them using incoming analytics to ensure that every dollar you spend is maximized.

Ad Optimization

We will create individual ads and A/B test them to pinpoint the most efficient settings and adjustments to find that perfect target audience.

Competitor Research

We always keep you ahead of the curve against your competitors by researching what is working and what isn’t and using this information to our advantage.

Ad Set Optimization

We will create an Ad Sets for each Social Media Ad campaign to organize your individual ads to show the best results, and keep every campaign organized.

Targeting Optimization

Our team will make adjustments on all ads and this will help us find your exact target audience. We use this information to adjust and create future ads with.

Funnel Optimization

It is important to nurture your audience from the moment they click on your ad to becoming a loyal customer. We optimize and adjust each step of the funnel process to ensure you get those loyal customers constantly coming back.

Want your Business to Grow?

Social Media Ad Platforms Offered
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What kind of results should I expect?

Everyones results will vary, but our key indicators that we will be following and reporting monthly will be traffic, engagement, and conversion percentage

Do I provide you with Content for Ads?

No, We will be responsible for all content

Are there any setup fees?

No, there is no setup fees for Social Media Marketing

Do you offer SEO Service?

Who will be in charge of my account?

Within 24 hours of signing your contract, you will be assigned an account manager and they will be in contact with you very shortly after

Are there any contracts?

Yes, you will be under a 3 month or 6 month contract

Do you also offer Social Media Management?