What is SEO keywords?

SEO Keywords is the keywords that makeup your content that make it possible for your site to be found through search engines. This can be accomplished in many ways,search engine optimization but the most popular is creating blogs based around keywords that you want your audience to be looking for.

If you own a coffee shop then you might want to create blogs based around “how to tell if coffee is fresh”, “how much you should spend on coffee”, “top 10 favorite coffee flavors”, and so on.

Where can I position keywords?

The ultimate goal of SEO keywords is to bring in traffic from a search engines to turn into conversions for your business. As the owner of your website, you want relevant keywords that pertain to your business so that you drive in traffic that is interested in your topic.

There are many ways you can put in SEO keywords into your blogs or pages. Most websites will create blogs or pages based around keywords, but that is it. Below is a list of places to position your keywords so that search engines see the keyword spread through all your content, not just your body of content in your blog.

  • Body of content
  • Images inserted in blog/page
  • Meta description
  • Video titles that are inserted in blog/page
  • Outbound Link text

It is very important to make your SEO very easy to find and accessible through more than one format. Most website owners get lazy and shorthand their SEO and wonder why they don’t rank on the first page of google. If you insert an image in your blog, then it would be wise to even name that image the exact keyword you are trying to rank for.

Using seo keywords on your page

It is very simple to follow a structure that tells you how many times and where to position your SEO keywords, but you have to make your content readable if you want people to share and actually use your content. You want to make sure that your content is readable, high quality in information and the most up to date in any information you are posting.

A really good way to work your SEO keywords in your content is making sure you hit them in certain areas. You want your keywords in at least 1 H1 tag, subheading of H3 or smaller, and at least 3 to 5 more times in your body of content in small text form like I am typing now.


keyword content strategy

A very good way to boost your SEO rankings in search engines is to create a content strategy for all your keywords. This is very simple, and extremely effective.

You want to start off by selecting your main keyword. Lets say I own a website built around loans and I want to use loans as my main keyword. I will start off by creating a page on explaining what a loan is. Then I want to use that keyword and get into more detail to create other pages and link your keywords.

So the next post I create will be “different types of loans”, “how to get a loan”, “where to get a loan”, etc. Then you use an internal link to piece them all together so that each post will boost the other.

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