Today we will be discussing how effective Facebook ads are. Social Ads or social network advertising are a fast, effective and economical way to reach your potential audience. These social platforms have a lot of information about users and advertisers can use it in their favor to make very successful segmentations in their campaigns.

If your brand does not use this type of advertising yet, you are missing out on a great opportunity to connect with your audience. With more than 2 billion active users, Facebook represents huge potential, making it one of the most interesting networks to start experimenting with your ads. In addition, it is one of the most customizable and visual solutions, all with a very low CPC. To encourage you to try, in this article I want to share with you how effective Facebook ads are and everything you need to know about Facebook ads.

Before you make a judgment on “are Facebook ads are effective?”, lets first go through and show you what it is, and how they work. 


What is advertising on Facebook or Facebook Ads? 

Facebook, the most popular social network in the world, has a very powerful advertising platform with endless options, so many that it is normal to feel overwhelmed in the first contact, are facebook ads effective? from the option of remarketing to improve your e-commerce income to get more leads for your landing page.

The first thing you need to know is that you can show your ads in four different locations:

  • Within Facebook itself. The ads will be shown integrated with the latest news section of the user, next to the publications of his friends, as well as in the right column of the user’s browsing page.
  • On Facebook Messenger, The newest advertising option on Facebook is the launch of ads through its Messenger chatbots for brands. To prevent spam, these ads can only be published in conversations already initiated by the user.
  • In Instagram. The purchase of Instagram by Facebook meant the integration of both advertising platforms, opening the way to endless possibilities.
  • In Audience Network. This network allows expanding advertising campaigns beyond Facebook, reaching selected audiences through applications, mobile websites, instant articles, and videos.

In all cases, ads can be shown on both mobile devices and computers. In addition, it is possible to create a single ad for multiple platforms.

Another important classification to understand advertising on Facebook is the advertising objectives. When creating a new ad through its tool, you must select a goal for your campaign. These are grouped into three main sections: recognition, prestige, and conversion.

Within recognition, we can select the following options:

  • Interaction with the publication: to promote the publications of your company page.
  • Like the page: to increase your fan base.
  • Local dissemination: to advertise your company to people who are close to it.
  • Brand awareness: to reach the people most likely to be interested in it.
  • Reach: to reach as many users as possible.

The prestige section has the following objectives:

  • Website clicks: to attract users to a destination on or off Facebook.
  • Application downloads: to get more users in your mobile app.
  • Responses to events: to go further with your events.
  • Video reproductions: to promote your audiovisual content.
  • Generation of potential customers: to capture lead data, for example, emails from people interested in your company.

And finally, within conversion we have the following types of ads:

  • Conversions on the website: to contribute to your overall conversion goals, such as online sales.
  • Interaction with the application: to get users to interact with your app.
  • Offers requests: to promote your offer.
  • Product catalog sales: to automatically display products from your catalog based on the target audience.
  • Visits in the business: to get more people to enter through the door of your store.

Another factor to keep in mind to unravel the universe of Facebook Ads and its effectiveness is that there are several possible ad formats:

  • Photo ads: a simple, but the very visual format.
  • Video ads: use images, sound, and movement to tell the story of your brand.
  • Sequence: Shows multiple videos or images in a single ad.
  • Presentation: lightweight video ads that allow you to connect with people with different connection speeds.
  • Canvas: a personalized advertising experience for mobile phones with great loading speed.

If you take into account all the possible combinations of the above options, then you will see the enormous potential of Facebook Ads to adapt to all types of brands and situations.

Who needs Facebook ads?

Despite the fact that many competitors have emerged since its creation, Facebook remains the most important social network on the Internet on a personal level.

But also, at the corporate and advertising level, Facebook is even more interesting for companies that decide to use it as a means to promote their products and services.

Advertising campaigns on Facebook are great advantages for SMEs and Startups that sell to the final consumer

Advertising on Facebook can make known the brand, services, and products of many types of companies, from multinationals such as Nestcafé to the small business in the corner of your home.

Are Facebook Ads effective may not be the right question as you are starting to realize, but maybe asking yourself if they are needed in your niche should be the real question.

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How much to spend on Facebook Ads to get results?

Surely on many occasions, you have wondered what the budget should be that your company must invest in advertising on Facebook to get good effective results. It is really complicated to give a specific figure since it depends on several parameters, and for them I want to talk to you about a technique that you can follow to know what you have to invest in each moment on Facebook, and that is based on different own tests that I have done and third party data. You can also measure your Facebook ad campaign performance.

As I told you, the answer mainly depends on your sales funnel.

There are different types of sales funnels, but we are going to rely mainly on three:

  • Direct sale.
  • Educational content.
  • Direct lead acquisition.
  1. A) Direct sale

If your ads lead directly to the sales page to buy your product or services.

This is usually done to impulse purchase products, that is, that have a price below € 50.

  1. B) Lead acquisition

In this case, we would show the ads to people to download our lead magnet directly.

In this way, we filter the people who may be more interested and then show them the sales announcements.

  1. C) Educational content

What we would do here is add an initial step to take our target audience to a blog article or a previous educational video.

This funnel is longer and is usually used when the client’s level of awareness with their problem is not high.

While the rest of the funnel would be as in the previous case.

By default, Facebook will mark you a budget of 4 euros/day when you launch a campaign from scratch. You should not deviate much from this initial data. If you have a small budget you can put it at 2 euros but do not lower it anymore because otherwise, you run the risk that the campaign will not start. What do you have to know about how Facebook consumes the money you want to spend?

  • Facebook will always try to spend your entire budget regardless of the effectiveness that this generated. A high budget usually has a lower ROI by default than a low one.
  • With little budget, Facebook is more careful. I assume that the long tail of advertisers must add up an important part of the income of the platform. To keep spending money on a daily basis, Facebook tries to get the most out of these 2-4 euros a day.
  • The results are not stable. Since the audiences are small to obtain an optimal result, you can reach your entire target audience in a few days. You have to constantly renew campaigns and audiences for optimal performance.

Advertising on Facebook has a ceiling. For direct sales campaigns, you will not be able to continuously increase budgets waiting for stable results. If you are looking for branding you could reach many people. Before starting to spend you have to be very clear about your goals.

As you can see, it is not so easy to give you an exact figure of how much you should invest in Facebook Ads, but still, I did not leave you with the question on the air

How good and effective is Facebook ad and Its Benefits 

Facebook Ads are possibly the best and most effective way to advertise invented to date. Therefore, other platforms are copying their model.

Advertising on Facebook will generate traffic to the page or the web and will allow us to reach a target audience that would not otherwise be possible.

  1. Advertising on Facebook allows us to segment as never before possible: by cities, sex, age, interests, marital status… And the more segmentation we do in our campaign, the better.
  2. And that segmentation will turn our advertising into useful and relevant information for the user experience. If an individual is interested in sports and our ad is precisely seen by that user, we are relevant!
  3. It is the first time that we can make the user’s circle of friends to recommend our advertising. If a friend has already clicked, he has more credibility. According to Facebook, up to 70% more effective!
  4. Now the user has the power. If you don’t like an ad, you can block and report it. So let’s be careful and don’t saturate or make irrelevant ads. And this will not be a bad idea when YouTube has already copied it.
  5. And finally, it allows you to make ads that fans of the competition see. It seems incredible, but it is so. Mind you, what is not possible is to create ads that only appear on the competitor’s fan page!

So when you ask yourself “are facebook ads effective?”, it should be how am I going to implement Facebook ads into my business, because the competition is growing by the day on Facebook, and it has shown that it gives you every avenue to make your business successful when it comes to ad creating.

***Question of the Blog: Are you using Facebook Ads? if so, how effective have they been for you? ***