youtube cartoonWhen it comes to monetizing a platform, I don’t think it would even be possible at this point to even compete with YouTube. YouTube released a new monetizing feature for YouTube streamers called YouTube Super Stickers. So now the most obvious question must be answered, and that is what in the world is a YouTube super sticker?

YouTube super stickers

YouTube super stickers are nothing more than a fan purchasing a sticker or emoji and placing it in the live streamers comments. Youtube has so many ways for creators to monetize their accounts, and this was only a matter of time since the creation of super chat.

The idea behind the concept is to encourage your favorite fans that are watching your live streams to purchase these stickers and place them on your comment section to show their support for the channel. This idea was very simple, and raised a lot of questions at the same time. With super chat only being 3 years old, why create this so soon?

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was super chat a mistake?

A lot of people will consider the creation of super chat a mistake, even though the creators have profited so much from the platform. Super chat was the fans ability to make a comment and pay for it to go straight to the top of the comments section. But super chat slowly started turning into something that could have results in YouTubes biggest mistake, so what exactly was happening?

Super chat slowly started turning into a launchpad for extremist in every word of the sense. Political debates, racism, sexism, and so much more was being put on a platform by simply donating a little money and then blasting your message on YouTube with some streamers having hundreds of thousands of fans watching live.

YouTube did everything in its power to prevent this from happening, but you can’t filter every live stream, especially the streams with so many viewers on at one time. YouTube sucked it up and found a replacement in super stickers, before super chat gave them a bad name.

With super stickers, YouTube can simply control what you are purchasing and posting on these comment boards. This was a very smart and quiet move made by YouTube and I personally applaud them.

youtube super stickers

how much do they cost?

The cost for a YouTube super sticker will range from 0.99 cents to $50. There are currently 6 different categories with more being released on a regular basis. Some of these categories include beauty, gaming, fashion, sports, music, food and more.

The packs will be available in English, French, Japanese, Korean, and Portuguese. The stickers will take around a full week to roll out to all eligible creators.

Who is eligible to put stickers on their live streams? 

Like any monetization through YouTube, your channel must have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch-time before you monetize on your YouTube channel.